How do you make your news newsworthy

AndyJohnsonmugshotHuman beings make an emotional connection to a compelling story. The media couldn’t survive without them.  But what you think might be a story worthy of coverage may not be.

Nick Clarke, the late presenter of BBC Radio Four’s The World at One, described news as a “disruption of the norm.”

In other words, trains that run on time, dogs biting men, working hospitals and good schools aren’t news. Normal life isn’t news.

Piano practice, practice, practice

pianographicPlaying the piano is my way of relaxing, although depending on the piece it can actually be very hard work. I passed my ABRSM grade five performance exam in Autumn 2013 and I am now training hard for grade six plus grade five theory written exam.

Does anyone have any tips or recommend for any particular piece of music which I would enjoy learning and performing.

Digital Daredevils

PrintProgressive businesses are looking closely at the opportunities digital marketing offers.

Jon Parker, SPACE Interactive Media Labs, The Interactive Media Centre, is developing  a number of sector based workshops to help Brands and agencies better understand the strategic challenges in rich media and online video communications.

I hosted a workshop recently called ‘Dare to be (More) Digital’ for the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (@gmchamber). They are a progressive bunch at the Chamber, but they, just like many other organisations are largely reactive to the opportunities digital technologies offer. They want to be strategic and even transformational.

How to engage at the early stage of the buying process – when does the relationship actually begin?

questionAre you stuck in a relationship that isn’t working for you, are you attracting the wrong type of leads, are you converting your leads?

In the B2B market 70% of buyer’s information requirements are completed before they contact the vendor. So what do you have to do to make your content relevant, compelling and engaging at the early stages of the buying process?

How do you get to know your customers?

questionTo maximise return on investment you need to understand how your customers and prospects prefer to receive information, what is the most effective communication channel(s), who makes the decisions and who are the strong influencers. Discover what barriers they perceive when doing business.

Do you know how your organisation, its product / service offering and service levels are perceived by your customers and prospects as we all buy on perception?

Why not try Tuscany?

italy thumbReform Creative was thrilled to be asked to help develop a brand and website for the holiday company ‘’.  Following rigorous research to establish how best to reach the target audience; one segment was identified as reportedly, the lowest users of social media. This research set the foundation for the creative brief which was set within a very tight budget.

Doctor Who gets Reformed

cyberWe recently designed the marketing materials for the current ‘Doctor Who and Me’ exhibition at the National Media Museum in Bradford, which celebrates 50 years of Doctor Who fans.

Running until 9 February, the exhibition explores how the TV series has inspired fans and features their artwork and memorabilia collections. It also traces how changes to media over the last 20 years have shaped and influenced fan culture.

Eye tracking technology – how it works and why it’s valuable

eyeThe use of eye tracking technology to analyse and improve user experience (UX) online, is something that’s always intrigued us. So we decided to do a bit of research into this subject to find out more.
Eye tracking technology, put simply, measures eye activity. It tries to answer questions like:

  • What do we look at and what do we ignore?
  • How do our eyes react to different stimuli?

I’m Ron Burgundy?

Ancorthumb With its unique marketing approach and its release date coming up next week, how can we not talk about the film “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”. Paramount Pictures has been making a splash with the way its been promoting the film. For instance, the main character Ron Burgundy co-anchored the local news in North Dakota, posed as a car salesman for Dodge Durango, co-hosted the Canadian curling trials and even stepped in on an Australian talk show. But from a marketers perspective what is going on through social media is the real prize for Paramount Pictures. While the paid promotions have been the catalyst, user generated GIF’s and Meme’s have been a great promotional tool for the film through social media sites. The material is being shared and searched through all the major social sites further developing the brand.  This also will allow them to track which clips and one-liners users love the most and push that material in its paid promotions.

Future Leaders

Graphic-Design-GG-FL4thumbUnder the umbrella of Global Grooves, Reform were tasked with the branding, web design and the development of the accompanying literature for Future Leaders; an apprenticeship based programme that allows students to extend their practical skills in carnival arts based music, dance or visual arts.




Inspired by traditional carnival dress and the extravagant use of feathers, Reform created the Future Leaders brand to directly accompany the Global Grooves identity. A strong visual approach was created that would represent and unite the areas of music, dance and visual arts.