It’s August, escape to the seaside or plan your next move?

PrintThe B2B world seems to grind to a halt during the month of August or at least operate in slow motion. Why is this? Surely not everyone has to take their holidays at this time, not everyone is bound by school holidays, yet when you speak to those who are currently in the office, manufacturing plant, warehouse etc. they claim that there is no one around people just aren’t interested.

Reform design academic Asian art publication.

SONY DSCWorking in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University, we were tasked with producing the new Asia Triennial Manchester retrospective publication, Triennial City: Localising Asian Art. This superb collection of new writing explores how the process of localising Asia in Manchester has contributed to transformations in art and urban space, and global development in biennial and triennial culture at large. The book provides a critical perspective on the history and future of Asia as it traverses national and regional lines.

Professional Services – move your prospect to an advocate

ThumbnailProfessional Services marketing is mainly about building long term relationships. Strengthening those business relationships and moving a prospect to a client, a client to a supporter and then an advocate is one of the most cost effective ways to acquire new profitable business.


Lining and Non-Lining Figures

ThumbnailPart II of our typography education looks at lining and non-lining figures. Something you may not have noticed when reading your favourite book, magazine, journal or any piece of correctly typeset copy is the style of the numerals used within the text.

As with most elements of professional typography and typesetting, the devil is in the detail. The reader should be oblivious to everything but the narrative of the story, and this includes the appearance of numerals. The choice is non-lining or lining figures within the body of the text.

The Ligature

ThumbTypography is known as an invisible art, if done correctly the reader will never notice. One of the hallmarks of a well designed typeface is the ligature. In it’s simplest terms, a Ligature is two or more letters crafted into a single character to improve the appearance and legibility of the type on the page.

If in doubt reverse it out

Reverse Type“If in doubt reverse it out” is a saying used in the creative sector but what does it mean? Some designers prefer content that is on a coloured background or reversed out of an image with the text in a lighter colour or white, however, many get it wrong.

Using a lighter text colour can make the page ‘more interesting’ or ‘punchy’ when done correctly but legibility needs to be at the forefront of any designer’s mind; if the communication can’t be easily read then you are in danger of losing your audience.

What does your favourite colour say about you?

woman in rollers for blogMax Lüscher’s Colour Test is merely the most famous of many colour personality tests. Its purpose is to relate colour to personality.

Colour culture fact: A Westerner would wear black to a funeral, but his Roman ancestors would have worn white. And the white of a Western marriage ceremony would be inconceivable in Hindu community, where yellow, red or gold would be the only acceptable colours.

What to know more about colour? Have a look at the following:

Effective Communication

megaphone newGood communication skills are essential to every aspect of our working day; good communication can boost your overall performance, whether you are managing an individual or a team or whether you are responsible for business development or training.

How often have you come away from a situation unsure as to whether you presented in a persuasive manner? That you used the right style and tone for your target audience. Motivated the audience to take the desired action?