Linotype: The Film

LinotypeInvented by Ottmar Mergenthaler in 1884 and referred to by Thomas Edison as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, the Linotype machine revolutionized the world of printing and broke the boundaries of the publishing industry. From the late 19th century up until the early 1970’s, linotype was the industry standard for newspapers, magazines and posters.

Now, Linotype: The Film explores the charming and emotional story of the people connected to the Linotype and how it has impacted the word. Although revolutionary, the Linotype quickly become overshadowed by new and emerging technology. The film explores the journey of the highly-skilled operators of the Linotype and their battle against time. If their skills are not passed along to a new generation of operators, the machine will die completely.

What place does the Linotype have in the age of new technology? Should the machine be shoved into a museum and left to rust? Why should anyone care about typography or the technology of communication? The film seeks to answer these questions.

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